Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oil Sleek-2001 Malaysian F1 GP

Constructing a diorama will test anyone’s patience.
Whether still thinking of what to do or buying the
necessary materials for it is a question of clever sourcing.

I have asked at the lounge any information on any Ferrari
F1 car encountering problems
lead me to Junji’s very helpful
information and with a useful picture at that.

And then I browse on the net and
downloaded several pictures
showing different scenes of the
2001 Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang.

I needed several tyres for the impact barrier
and I paid the LUNAR NEW YEAR
FAIR a visit last night and got several used
plastic tractors and paid for them
as donation for charity for 15 HKD :-D
they're not as flat as i hoped them to be
but they will do :wink:

Without further a-do here’s my interpretation
of the Malaysian Grand Prix Ferrari
racing scene mishap project titled

Bear with me for the next 30 minutes
or so in going through the process.
[b]Remember to put safety as your priority[/b]


1. Hotwheels Ferrari F2001 Cars #1 and #2
2. 1 pc. 27 cm x 14 cm Foam Board
3. 1 Sheet Grass Replica
4. 1 pc. 27 cm x 14 cm Canson Warm Grey Textured Paper
5. 1 pc. 27 cm x 14 cm Canson White Paper
6. White Cardboard
7. 1 Tumblers
8. 1 Rubber Cutting Mat
9. 1 UHU and 1 Elmer’s Glue
10. Pen and Paper
11. Steel Ruler
12. Cutter
13. Water
14. A pair of Scissors
15. 5 Sets Of Tractor Wheels from Used Toys
16. Mr. Hobby Acrylic Paints
17. Paint Brushes
18. X-Acto Knife
19. Graphite Pencil Shavings
20. Cleaning Buds

Every scale model to be built needs a plan.

Get a paper and pen and start sketching
what you envision to be a racing scene.
remember that this is your diorama and you
have the right to do whatever you want with it

The race scene shows 2 Ferrari F1 Cars careening off the road
onto the grass area with several tyre barriers.

Draw the outline of the race track on the foam board
In keeping up with your idea, always place the cut away
pieces on the plan every so often so you won’t be venturing
out from your original concept although, you may always
change or adapt in the future.
(which proved to be the case for this one)

Glue the pieces of paper cutouts and
the grass sheet on the foam board with Elmer’s glue.
always remember to use a flat spatula or a flat brush
to evenly spread the glue on the surface.

And you will end up with a race track.

I am not sure what it is called exactly,
but that red and white thing is a
cutout from a white cardboard I did.
An arc segment and with several
carved 2 mm lines and painted with red and white.

Glue this arc in place.

In the real scene, this does not appear in reality
but I just have to place something opposite
the tyre barrier in order for the diorama
to be visually balanced.

that's aesthetic theory and we will deal
with that later :-)

paint the salvaged tyres from any used toys you purchased
with the colors based from the race track scene.


There are two ways to do this.

First, use a 90 % warm grey marker and draw on the paper
the possible marks created by the careening cars.

(as shown in the image above)

But after waking up this morning, I found out that the
tyre screech marks were too bright.

And so here’s what I did.

I cut out the same shape of the race track
and glued over the one with the marker-drawn
tyre marks and began to revise.

Get your graphite pencil shavings and rub the ear buds on and
start applying on the road with several strokes until you get the
right amount to signify the screech marks.

On the grass area, use the back of your x-acto knife to make tyre grooves.

Before doing this, place your car and imagine it sliding from the road
onto the grass by rolling the car and marking the scene in your mind,
or you may lightly sketch the tyre marks with your pencil as you drive

And you end up with something as shown in the image.

This particular diorama was suppose to be in reality,
the two F1 cars positioned entirely on the grass area after
careening off but I thought it lacked some drama in it.

And the cars, which are somewhat parallel to the race track, are ready to
be driven off the grass area.

What I wanted was a scene were the cars were just careening off the
race track.

Here’s what I did.

I inverted the #2 car being driven by Barrichello, in a 180 degree
fashion against that of Schumacher’s #1.

Why? When I took some pictures last night,
I noticed that the cars were facing
in one direction only, which as a viewer,
was kind of boring when placed
on a display shelf mounted on a wall.

In this case, I maybe able to view the diorama at one angle and
still enjoy the view of the two cars and the overall drama.

Well, when it is in my display case(or anyone in the future ),
just turn the diorama once a week, to view the front
and rear of #1 and #2 and vice versa.

Thanks for your time :-)

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