Thursday, February 12, 2009


i am doing preliminary studies for a
diorama i was about to do for myself
but a fellow collector wants one as well.

i'll do the project for him first :-)

a FARM Diorama in 1:64ish

i am absolutely thrilled to do this one.

did the first physical structure of the farm diorama
i'm building for a fellow collector.

all fields have sheds smacked right there somewhere
in the middle for farmer's wishing to rest.

this one is made out of toothpicks and walis tambo :-)

i cancelled the tollgate's base coz it just occured to me
that i can actually merge the two dioramas.

the farm dio measures 49.5 cm x 65.5 cms.

in 1:60 scale that will be approximately 300 meters x 396 meters
covering a total area of 118,800 sq. meters. that's 11.8 hectares.

did a parcel of land to be plowed :-)

90% done on the papier mache base for the farm and
road paving for the tollgate

a rice plant consist of a stalk
and several blades of leaves(well that's how i see them :lol: )

in this scale it is near impossible to fabricate thousands
much less one plant.

i roamed around a grocery and found a plastic brush.

and i immediately saw what i was looking for
to fabricate a ricefield.

as you can see in the previous image, i applied the papier mache
this morning and bored holes for the rice stalks

just a trial in planting the stalks...

just need around 20 or so of this brush, cut away and plant and i may be able to cover the parcel of land.

painted the land base today

planting the rice stalks is next .

planted some yesterday and yes, it is hard.
even in this scale model. :|
it is harder in real life of course coz of the
heat of the sun and the back-breaking position. :-(

did some planting over the weekend
and it is hard work indeed but to have something
like this in the end is well worth it

finished planting the plastic rice last week :-D

it was really hard cutting the bristles from the'brush
cutting the little wire that is attached to it
and plasting them one by one at the holes drilled
on the papier mache soil :|

anyways, the hard part is over and the rest will be
sort of easy :-)

blank patch of the board upper right and left will be
for waterponds :-)

these are the plastic brushes used for the rice.

finally put the finishing touches on nic's farm
this morning and decided to take final shots
before tomorrow's delivery.

i must admit it was a long process
mainly because i have a day job now :lol:

i enjoyed the construction of this farm because
we( the salas clan ) have enjoyed countless
of fun and excitement when we were kids spending
a month or so at our uncles' sugarcane and rice
fields in Mexico, Pampanga during the summer breaks :-)

the tree seem to be losing lots of leaves but ei! some trees do hahaha

meanwhile, enjoy the photos :-)

Thanks for viewing.

this diorama is owned by nic1493

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