Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kennon Road

Please bear with me, my pictures and the process in building
“INITIAL-D: The Baguio Drift”


1. 10 castings of INITIAL D Cars By YUJIN in 1:87 ( 72? )
2. 1 pc. A2 size Cardboard
3. 1 Super A3 Size Corkboard
4. Boysen Acrylic/Latex Paints( red, yellow,blue, black and white)
5. #1,#2 and #5 Flat Paint Brushes, 1 of each
6. 1 Tumblers
7. 1 Rubber Cutting Mat
8. 1 SuperGlue and 1 Elmer’s Glue
9. Pen and Paper
10. Steel Ruler
11. Cutter
12. X-Acto Knife
13. Water
14. A pair of Scissors
15. Newspaper
16. coarse aggregate (pebbles)
17. Green Foliage

It is very important not to miss small details in building
a diorama because this will add to the realism of your work.


This concoction is very easy to prepare.

You need old newspaper. Newsprint is very very easy to work
with water since it crumbles and dissolves easily.

After squeezing excess water out of the “dough”
pour in a generous amount of elmer’s glue and mix

You will have a lump of very soft papier mache.

cut out some foamboards and stick this to a base.
this will be the structure for the lionhead.
i did this because it will save me time and papier mache.


The 2-way road is 7-8 meters in width (approx. 7cms from
your steel ruler in1:72-87 scale)

Cut out 2 pieces of white carboard based from dimensions acrylic base.
Cut out the road and elevate at 1 inch from the cork board.

It need not be as high as your reference picture because
you will end up with a very tall diorama thereby spending
Quite a lot of money for the acrylic case.

thanks for the interest .

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