Thursday, February 12, 2009

WRC Lancer Evolution VI

As a part of my diorama construction series,
i was thinking of a WRC road scene and it always
amazes me when these rally cars turn(sometimes downhill)
on a curve on a wet dirt road. i could've opted for an accident scene but
that is too morbid for me.

as a coincidence i suppose, jerome and mike requested for
that WRC action. with a driver at that!
well there is an available car with a driver and navigator at hunghing
and i sold it to abac. but that was a SUBARU.
this particular road scene involves one of the most
celebrated cars n WRC history.
a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI driven by
Makinen with Mannisenmaki in the 1999 New Zealand World Rally Championship
titled “REVOLVING”

Bear with me, again, for the next 30 minutes or so in going through the process.
Remember to put safety as your priority

i won't go over the ingredients again coz you may use the same ones
as before.

the car is a casting by highspeed in 1:43.

in this particualr project, what thrilled me most is the
"creation" of the human figures.

i went around HK last night to look for suitable human
action figures but sadly, there wasn't any driver looking ones.

i saw a gashapon in toys r us and there were these ULTRAMAN
figures that uncunningly looked like drivers with helmets. so
i got one.

and a bag full of firemen in monochromatic hard plastic.


it must be hard for mitsubishi to choose a driver for their car.
because i had a hard time myself choosing a suitable one for this.

after around 30 minutes i decided to choose the fireman.
first it is approx 1:43 in scale and second it has a face.
the helmet he's wearing is a fireman's of course, but with a cut here and there
and a little filing, it sort of resembled that which tommi was wearing.

the hands were too long to fit the cabin, so i took ultraman and cut off its
arms and glued them on the fireman's torso.

detailed painting was next and after about an hour,
i have two human figures(although cut in half) for the car.

thanks for the time :-)

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