Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ferrari Autogalleria

this diorama is the first one i did back in 2007 in HK.
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since i cannot paint in my little room and i do miss doing some modworks, i bought these yesterday and started cutting away last night and this morning while doing the laundry.

here's what i did in my spare time at night for the last three days except tuesday.

had some spare time while waiting for the washer to finish my laundry this morning.
i got my cutter and pen and card boards and an adhesive called UHU.

the LOLLIPOP street sign of the showroom stands at 17 metes from ground, around 5.5 storeys high. although i think FERRARI doesn't need it. in reality, it will add some break on the linear horizontal lines of the whole structure. an accent i should say.

cutting through 1/3 of the cardboard will allow for a small bending angle which should follow the plan that ii did.
the base of the lollipop measures at 1.75 M x 1.2 M and 1.15 M on its fat part.

after the stand comes the SHIELD device. i printed an image on a paper and stuck with spray adhesive on a board and cut out the shape and cut out strips of 1.2 millimeters wide of cardboard for the sandwich.
after the stand is done, the construction of the steps followed located in between the supporting office wall on the left of the structure,
the steps climbs up to a meter to the display platform.

requiring 6 steps measuring at 167 mm in 1:1.
here are some of the shots i did after completing the above.

i did the framework for the roof. the original design called for a roof that
curves from the back up to the front from 6.5 M to around 9 M.
but i had to make some revisions due to the height of the lollipop.
the light well i did was just a hole in the ceiling but it has to be improved so i will add a framing grid later.

added some picture frames of ferrari cars for display on the walls.

i uses an old smoked plastic bag for the light are the update fotos...

a bit of sunlight seeping thru my window and took some daylight
fotos of the model.
i constructed a back wall as well since i was thinking of making 3 sides of the
structure all clear glass walls, i figured it lacked a backdrop.
so i put up a wall at the back measuring at a total height of 2.75 meters,
i installed the car's logo and a bright red with silver colored font.

thanks for your time

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