Thursday, February 12, 2009

Focused....focused on everything

As many DCPH members know, i am indeed focused...focused on everything.
what's a collector to do?
i love a lot of different cars and i truly admire those who are indeed focused
on ONE line and ONE line only. Like my wife Tintin, who collects VW T2 Buses ONLY.

Anyway, i am t...r...y...i...n...g really hard to get only the ones with dominant blue in them.

The wife of a good friend of mine, who collects vintage cars in 1:43, saw my collection
one day and asked him, " i thought Gary had a BLUE color themed collection?"

look at this...she said pointing at the monitor,,,




Ford History 1:18s 1910-2000 Models and some 1:43 Old Blues

Ferrari Cab

well, yes i do have a blue color themed collection...about 25 % of my toys are in blue. hehehe

i am absolutely happy when i find a toy or two in blue especially if it is a Ferrari, a VW, a Morris Mini Cooper, a Nissan GTR, a 1:60 Tomica Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and an American Muscle Car.

In the next few days, i will be posting my various collecting lines.

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  1. Woowwwww....., im so speechlezz...
    nice collectionz dude... :D