Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Auto/EisenBahn-H0 Scale Diorama

bear with me as i get us through the construction of this diorama.

The Base

you will need the following materials for this one.
1 40 cm x 17 cm wood frame with plywood backing.
1 8mm corkboard9get the one with small speckles)
1 air-dried white clay
coarse pebbles
dried grass
"water" sheet
Elmer's GLue
UHU transparent Glue
thin strip of illustration board
paper clip
paint and thinner
some trees
and an H0 scale train set. this one i bougth for just 23 HKD.
it's battery operated and made of plastic.

cut a rectangle from the corkboard based from the internal dimensions of the wood frame.
apply glue on the plywood backing and place the board on and place some heavy books on it.

since the train tracks are made of plastic and all black, use the a silver colored paint and apply on the rails.
mix red yellow and black and a bit of white to get the color of wood.
apply on the wood part of the track.
apply elmer's glue on the gap of the wood

fill up with the coarse brown pebbles and shake off the excess.

stick the rail on the corkboard with super glue and apply elmer's glue alog the track and pour in some more pebbles.

shake off the excess after 5 minutes

apply glue alongside the pebbles and pour in the greenery

place the "water" sheet over the base and mark the edge of the pebbles

cut with a pair of scissors

mix blue and yellow and black and white and you'll get greyish green.
apply on the water corner

add lots of black and a bit white for the road paint

stick the water cutout using transparent UHU glue

get a lump of air dried clay and mold a mound over the water corner

use a stick to mold the clay

do another mound on the road corner

paint the road break lines using white paint and a very small brush

apply some glue over the mounds and pour in the dried grass bits.
after 10 minutes apply some glue over that and pour in the greenery bits

cut a strip of illustration board and stick on a yellow/black stripe paper.
glue on bits of metal roads cut from a paper clip(around 1 cm in length)
and pierce these onto the corkboard.

be patient with the above and you will end up with this